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Thursday, January 26, 2012

2 year update

Here is our long overdue update on the kiddos since they turned 2! Our house has never been busier! It actually makes the newborn phase (when they stayed in one spot until we moved them) seem like a piece of cake! :-)
Sophie Marie (as of 12/2/11)
Height: 34" (52%) Taller than her sister now!
Weight: 24 lbs (15%)

As you can see, Miss Sophie is really not so tiny anymore! She is finally on the growth chart in height and weight! She has had a major growth spurt in the past 6 months, which would explain her eating habits these days! She eats all the time, and is not picky at all! Most nights she will eat her dinner, and then help Mommy and Daddy eat theirs as well!

Sophie has also developed a VERY sassy personality, and has decided that she will not let her siblings have anything she is playing with without a fight (including her favorite yellow blankie). In fact, we often find her hoarding toys or snacks, and hiding where her brothers and sister won't be able to find her. She occasionally tests Mommy to see if her new found attitude will work to get what she wants, but has learned very quickly that the end result is often a time out. She is very independent, and definitely knows what she wants! She also has a very loving and sweet personality, which is what we see the majority of the time.

Little Miss Sophie is really not a girly girl at all, and 9 times out of 10, would choose to play with tractors or tools over baby dolls; however, she LOVES to dance! If we turn the radio on or she hears music on TV, she almost always starts dancing, and actually has pretty good moves for a 2 year old!

Emme Lee (as of 12/2/11)
Height: 33 1/4" (32%)

Weight: 25.2 lbs. (29%)

Miss Emme Lee is the princess out of the group, and loves all things girly! She loves to hear how pretty she is, and gets so excited about wearing dresses and skirts. She also loves shoes! Emme loves to play with baby dolls, and always notices babies when reading books, watching TV, or out in public.

Emme has the sweetest, most gentle, and nurturing personality, and LOVES her brothers and sisters! She is honestly our easiest child out of the 4, and hardly ever gets in trouble. She is so laid back, and carefree! She loves to be silly, and has the most adorable giggle!

Max Edward (as of 12/2/11)
Height: 35" (64%)

Weight: 29.2 pounds (64%)

Mr. Mischievous Max knows how to get a reaction out of everyone in our house! :-) He often spends his days stealing toys, snacks, blankies, and pretty much anything he thinks someone else might be interested in! The majority of the time he doesn't even want the item he is stealing from his siblings, but would rather get a reaction! Max is OBSESSED with his blankies, and has to have them at all times. Max is so strong that he has figured out how to move the kitchen table around, flip end tables over, and tip shelves of toys over! Mommy and Daddy have had to move furniture in safe places, so that nobody gets hurt!

Although Max has a very mischievous personality, he also has a very sweet and loving side. Usually in the mornings, and right before bedtime he will crawl up in Mommy or Daddy's lap for some cuddles. He absolutely adores his siblings (especially Emme), and loves on them constantly! Sometimes he tends to "love" on his sister Emme a little too much, and she ends up smashed on the floor or against a wall. We are working on being gentle! :-)

Brady James (as of 12/2/11)

Height: 34 1/2" (50%)

Weight: 26.8 pounds (34%)

Sweet Brady is a ball of energy! He is usually running around the house, being silly and giggling with his siblings. As long as nobody takes the things he is playing with, he is usually in good spirits! However, if somebody takes his stuff away from him, everyone in the house (possibly neighborhood) will hear about it! He has gotten much better about using his words instead of screaming, but it is definitely still a work in progress!

Brady has a very sweet personality, and gives the best hugs and kisses a Mommy could ask for! :-) He is the most sensitive out of the four, and is usually very remorseful if he gets in trouble. He has a pretty pitiful sad face, which always makes Mommy feel bad!

The kiddos are learning so much each and every day! I am so grateful to have such healthy and happy kids, but have to admit that it's a little sad to see them growing up so fast! They are getting so independent, and don't always want any help from Mommy and Daddy. I really can't believe how fast the times flies by when you have kids. I am trying to enjoy each and every moment at home with my kids because I know I will blink and they will be heading off to kindergarten! If only we could stop time every now and then to slow down this process a little..... :-)

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