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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

We had a great Christmas with our families, and had so much fun watching the kids open gifts this year! They cheered every time they got to open a present. I'm sure next year will be even more fun! I'm working on a blog post with the hundreds of pictures we took over Christmas, so hopefully it won't take me a month to get it done! :-)

It's hard to believe that 2 years ago we spent our first Christmas together as a family in the NICU! I was looking back at pictures, and cannot believe our kids were ever small enough to fit inside their stockings! I did a comparison this year to show just how much they have grown. They truly are miracles!

Our little peanut who had to fight so hard in the beginning is now a fiesty yet sweet 2 year old!
Emme was first to come home from the NICU the day after Christmas, and is the sweetest little girl with an amazing sense of humor!

Max was a stinker even in his NICU days, and hasn't changed much since then. He is our mischevious little boy who definitely leads the pack!

Sweet Brady has a loving smile and personality that melts your heart, but is quite the fireball these days! He is wild and crazy most of the time, and makes us laugh all the time!

We have truly been blessed with amazing kids, a wonderful family, and awesome friends! Happy New Year from the Dotzler's!!!

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  1. Your babies are adorable!! I've enjoyed following your story :)