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Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

FaLl FuN oN tHe FaRm!

Yesterday we took our first trip to the Center Grove Apple Orchard. Despite the freezing cold weather, it was a blast! Since it was so cold and a weekday, there weren't a lot of people there, so we were extremely brave, and went stroller-free (another bittersweet reminder of how big our kids are getting)! All-in-all it went really well with only a couple of melt downs! We will definitely be making this a yearly tradition! There is so much for kids of all ages to do!

Like always, I took a TON of pictures..... :_)I thought the entrance would be a great group photo opportunity....Max had other ideas...

Take 2....I LOVE this picture! Where did my babies go?!

Max was not a fan of the corn pool!

Emme thought it was pretty fun!

Brady and Sophie digging in the corn!

Max was in heaven as soon as he saw the tractors!

Daddy giving Emme a little help!

Brady looks like he is "fixing" his tractor!

Sophie enjoying her turn!

Brady couldn't quite figure out how to get out of the house, so he was banging on the window to get Mommy's attention!

Sophie and Emme peeking out of their house!

Sophie loved the 3 Little Pigs' houses!

Max checking out the house made of straw!

Brady thought the pig who lived in the house made of sticks seemed nice enough to kiss! Such a sweet boy!

Max thought he better give his pig a kiss too!

Checking out the chickens!

and the goats!

Grandma Farmer would be so proud to see our future little dairy farmers!

Who can find the biggest pumpkin?

Hay ride to the pumpkin patch!

The boys thought they were in charge of the wheel barrow!

Snack break!

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