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Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Brady's First Haircut!

Just a month and a half shy of being two, and Brady finally had enough hair for a hair cut! He was growing a slight mullet! :-)

Bye Bye Mullet!
"Mom, what is this lady doing to me?!"
No more mullet!
Such a handsome boy!
The kiddos got to go on their very first tractor ride a couple of weeks ago! What better way to kick off fall than with a ride in a big green tractor with Uncle Cory! Everyone had a blast, and Max's obsession with tractors is much greater now! :-)

Max went first of course (with Uncle Caleb)!

We had a McDonald's picnic in the back of Papa's car while we waited for Max's turn to be over!

Brady and Sophie got the next turn!

It's hard to see, but Sophie has the biggest smile on her face!

Last, but not least, Emme got her turn (Max came along for a second ride)!

Uncle Cory and Uncle Caleb with the kiddos! :-)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

22 Month Update

I have been a horrible blogger lately! We have had issues with our Internet, and finally have access again! I am hoping to catch up on blogging, since we have had lots of fun lately! Here is a little update on our very busy toddlers...
Brady James is our sensitive, but very outspoken little boy! He has such a sweet and loving personality, but has a very loud voice and is not afraid to use it if something does not go his way! He is a ball of energy, and loves to be very silly! Brady is such a Mommy's boy, and really prefers to be at home! We are really working on getting him used to other places like Nana and Papa's house!

He is really into the Wiggles, Elmo, and anything with music! He has a beloved blankie that he will not sleep without. He also loves to get dirty! He gravitates to rocks, sand, dirt, etc. We are also pretty sure that he is a lefty!

Max Edward is such a big boy these days, and has really developed a laid back personality. He never used to have time for cuddles with Mommy, but now he will crawl up on my lap and sit for short periods of time!

Max loves his siblings, but also has a tendency to be a bit of a bully. I really think he enjoys getting a reaction out of his brother and sisters because he will take something away, hold it for a few seconds, and then toss it on the floor once someone is screaming. He even laughs a little about it!

Max has become very accustomed to the time out procedure in our house! I sometimes think he enjoys time out because he will do something naughty, get sent to time out, come back from time out, do the exact same thing he was in trouble for, and then willingly sit himself in time out again without being told to do so! His infectious smile makes it impossible to be mad at him! Max has also become the boss in our house, and will be the first one to tell his siblings, "No! No!" if they are doing something they shouldn't!

He is absolutely OBSESSED with tractors! They are on his mind at all times! When I go in his room in the mornings, the first thing he says is, "where tractor at?" I swear he must say tractor at least 1,000 times each day! Nana and Papa let him bring all of Daddy's tractors that he played with as a child to our house! He plays with them all day long!

Emme Lee is the most laid back, sweet child I have ever met! She is perfectly content cuddling on the couch with books! She is so easy going, and loves her siblings so much! She does have a bit of a stubborn side to her, but it doesn't come out very often.

Emme is such a little mother hen, and loves all things girly! She is obsessed with shoes, hair pretties, babies, stuffed animals, and books. She loves it when we tell her how pretty she is or what a good girl she is! I could honestly sit and cuddle with her all day (if I only had one child)!

She also loves looking at pictures, and always wants us to tell her who is in the picture, so she can repeat the names! She is the talker of the group, and talks non stop! She has really picked up on body parts, and animal noises.

Sophie Marie is also a ball of energy! She is our most stubborn child, and will probably give her Mommy a taste of her own medicine! If she decides she isn't going to do something, you might as well forget it!

Sophie is the biggest Daddy's girl, and absolutely adores her daddy! Her face lights up when he comes home from work. Daddy has his work cut out for him because his little girls have him wrapped around their little fingers!

Sophie is also a very silly little girl, and loves to dance! She is really into the Wiggles, and loves anything with music. She has the cutest dance moves, and knows how to entertain!

I have to say, I think the terrible two's are in full swing at our house! This age is the most exhausting so far, however, it is the most rewarding. We have so much fun with the kids, and find that it gets easier and easier to take them places with us which makes it seem like our life is getting more normal!

How can it be that our tiny little miracle babies are growing up?! In less than 2 months, we will have 4 two year olds! Time is passing by so quickly!