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Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our busy little life!

I am trying to play catch up on the blog! This is really my way of documenting events in the kiddos life, so that someday when I get some time to scrapbook, I will have a place to find each milestone that the kids accomplished and the dates. Lately, I am not keeping up! :-) Here is an update on what we are up to in our crazy little life...

We gave the kiddos sweetcorn for the first time this week, and they did pretty well with it! Of course it became a toy to throw on the floor eventually!
Sophie Marie has come so far! She is walking all over the place now! She is also trying to jump, and LOVES to dance! She is such a happy girl, and usually goes with the flow as long as nobody gets too physical (Max) with her! She adores her Daddy, and lights up the minute she sees him!

Emme Lee is our SASSY little girl who has learned how to throw MAJOR tantrums! Papa and I took the kids to the mall last weekend thinking it would be a good inside activity since it has been ridiculously humid and hot outside. Boy were we completely off base with that idea! Emme had a couple of melt downs over sunglasses, which resulted in Papa buying everyone a new pair. The end of our trip was hands down the worst experience I have had with my kids in public! We decided to let the kids ride the little merry-go-round before we left. There were only three little cars, which meant Sophie had to wait until the next turn. When the ride stopped, Emme started having a major melt down! She kept banging her head on the steering wheel of the boat she was riding in and screaming. All because the ride stopped! She then threw an even bigger fit when we put her back in the stroller. Needless to say, poor Sophie never got her turn, and will most likely get to go back to the mall by herself! :-) I am sure all the spectators thought our life was normally that hectic! Note to self....the mall is not the best place for toddlers who have learned to throw temper tantrums! I'm pretty sure we are getting close to the "terrible twos!"

Although Emme has her sassy moments, she is still such a sweet little girl. She loves to cuddle, and had a great sense of humor. She is constantly making us laugh! She recently decided last week that she could walk. I really think she was able to do it a long time ago, and let her stubborn personality get in the way! She is off and running now, and not looking back!

Max is amazing us all the time! He learns things very quickly, and loves to "help" mommy! He has a very loving and sweet personality, and especially loves to play with Emme. They play so well together and are constantly giggling at each other! This is such a fun age!Max and Emme LOVE to wrestle on the floor! :-)

Brady James is a very sweet and sensitive little boy, and is a HUGE Mama's boy! He loves to sit and cuddle with Mommy! Brady is pretty much caught up to Max, and won't need to attend physical therapy much longer! He has been walking for about a month now!

Brady fractured the growth plate in his wrist the middle of June. Poor guy must have done it when learning to walk. The doctor figured he fell and landed on it wrong! Here he is sporting his neon green cast! Luckily he only needed to wear a cast for a couple of weeks. We will take him back to the orthopedic doctor in 6 months to make sure everything is growing correctly!

We have really been working on eating with forks and spoons lately. I have to say, this is not my favorite stage! What a mess! Everyone does pretty well to start, but then they get bored, and decide to make a huge mess! I'm sure this will be over before we know it, but for now we are cleaning LOTS of messes up!

Max before
Max After....Notice the bowl is gone(on the floor)!
Brady Before
Brady After
Emme Before
Emme After
Sophie Before
Sophie After...she is really into making big messes with her food these days! This picture really doesn't show her abilities too well! :-)
It is almost ALWAYS bath time after supper!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

FuN oN tHe 4th!!!

We had a great 4th of July in Clear Lake! We got to spend lots of time with our families, and had so much fun making memories! The entire weekend was pretty jam-packed with stuff to do, which was exhausting, but so much fun! Here are some pictures from the weekend!All of the great-grandkids (and Caleb)
My grandparents
Taylor with Sophie, and Jackson with Emme.

Uncle Jeremy, Becki, and the kiddos!
Max and Uncle Caleb watching the parade!
Nana and Papa with the kiddos!
Uncle Cory and Brady.
Taylor and Emme!
I think Sophie was enjoying herself!
Grandma, Cory and Rachel
Emme likes to pretend she's shy!
Brady and Daddy checking out the slip n slide!
Sophie and Brady
Brady, Sophie, and Max

Uncle Jeremy, Nana, Papa with Emme, and Grandpa Kevin

Hope everyone had a great 4th!