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Saturday, June 4, 2011

FINALLY....18 month update!

The kiddos had their 18 month check up on the 1st, and did really well! They each had to have 2 shots, so we brought helpers along (Great-Grandma, Grandma, and Uncle Caleb)! Since everyone is mobile, it is harder to keep them entertained in a small doctor's office room! How in the world can we be 18 months old already?!

(L to R) Max, Brady, Emme, Sophie

Current Heights & Weights:


Height: 32" (50%)

Weight: 26 lbs. (50%)

Max is as busy as ever these days! He pretty much runs everywhere he needs to go, and tends to be the bully of the group. Max is overall pretty laid back, and always has a sweet smile on his face. He has become a Mommy's boy, and wants me to pick him up all the time (I can't help but love this)! Max is really talking, and comes up with the cutest phrases like, "hi, Dad!" or "Hi there!" He is also SUPER attached to his blanky!


Height: 30 1/2" (20%)

Weight: 22 lbs. 8 oz. (10%)

Brady is officially a walker! He has been SO close for weeks now, but was never too interested in walking. That is not the case anymore! Now he is all over the place. Brady is happiest when outside, and is usually not happy until we let him out to play. Typical little boy, huh?! Brady has a very short fuse, and often gets angry with his siblings (especially Max) if they take something from him. He is still going through the biting stage, but it seems to have gotten better. Brady also has a very sweet and sensitive side to him, and loves to cuddle. He gets his feeling hurt pretty easily when in trouble! He is also picking up on LOTS of new words! Some of which are not ones we would like him to say. The other night he yelled "shut up" to the barking neighbor dog! I'm not sure where he could have heard that (Daddy)!? OOPS! It was a good reminder that the kiddos are listening to EVERYTHING Mommy and Daddy say! :-)


Height: 29 1/2" (10%)

Weight: 22 lbs. (20%)

Emme is our little princess, and chooses to do things on her own terms! With that being said, she is not walking yet, nor is she even trying. She has been going to physical therapy, and they are not at all worried about her, but I'm beginning to wonder when the little stinker will decide she wants to try walking! Emme is super laid back, and such an easy child! She really seems to have a close connection to Max, which is interesting for us to watch! She has a very silly personality, and loves to entertain us and make us laugh! Emme is also saying a lot of new words and phrases!


Height: 30" (10%)

Weight: 19 lbs. 4 oz. (<3%)

Sophie is also walking!!! She is not quite as steady as Brady yet, but is getting better each day! She can also stand up without holding on to anything! She is such a little go getter, and amazes us more and more each day! Sophie is also very easy going, and like her sister, is a very sweet little girl! Sophie also has a very silly personality, and loves to dance to music. Like her siblings, she is also saying a lot of new words and phrases!

I cannot believe how fast time flies by! I sure wish we could slow things down a bit! Before I know it, my babies will be turning two!

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