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Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Emme's 1st Hair Cut!

Emme's bangs were starting to get really long, so we decided to take her to get her hair cut last Saturday (April 23). She was such a big girl, and didn't move the whole time she was getting her hair cut! She looks so grown up now! :-)Sitting very still like a big girl!

Such a big girl!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter 2011

Last year we celebrated Easter at our house since it was so much work to load the kiddos up for a weekend stay. This year we decided to spend Easter at Nana and Papa's (James' parents) house, and the kids had a blast!

We decided to go for dinner and church with my family on Saturday night thinking it would be less chaotic with the kids. Not exactly what happened! At dinner, the kids were too preoccupied with everything going on, so they pretty much ate nothing. We then went on to church where the kids lasted about 5 minutes! I guess they will be spending church time in the nursery from here on out! :)

We had a nice dinner at Nana and Papa's on Sunday afternoon before we headed home. The kiddos also got 4 wheeler rides from Papa on Sunday, which they absolutely loved! They would throw a fit if they had to wait their turn! The Easter bunny was very nice to the kiddos this year too! :)

Like always, I took a TON of pictures. Enjoy!

Emme riding the new pony at Nana and Papa's house! He was loved by everyone but Sophie!
Brady trying to figure out how to get Max off the pony so he could have a turn!

Brady loved the new pony!

Max checking out his Easter basket! It's hard to believe that the kiddos fit inside their basket last year! They are getting so big!

Brady with his basket.

Max was trying to "help" Brady with his basket!

Emme was very excited about her new book, and the yogurt melts!

Sophie wasn't sure about the Easter grass inside the basket!

Max was pretty happy about his new sippy cup!

Brady with his jelly bean filled eggs and sippy cup!


Emme "reading" her new book! :)

This is the best group shot we could get!

(L to R) Sophie, Max, Emme, Brady

Papa and Max




Brady with another basket from Nana and Papa!



Emme modeling her new sunglasses and bunny ears!




Uncle Jeffy with the boys!

and the girls!

Brady and Papa being silly!

Pretty girls!

Going for a walk with Nana and Papa!
New wagons at Nana and Papa's house!
Max was so excited!
4 wheeler rides with Papa!
The girls' turn!
Daddy and Brady (I LOVE this picture)!

Emme & Sophie


We hope everyone had a great Easter! :-)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Better Late Than Never!!!!

I have been terrible about keeping up on the blog lately! Our Internet has been acting up, which means I have a hard time uploading pictures. I could write blog posts with no pictures, but what fun is that! :-)

It appears that the terrible two's have already arrived in our house! If not, I hate to see what chaos we will have in a few more months when they officially begin! The kiddos are fighting, pulling hair, hitting, screaming, biting, climbing, getting into EVERYTHING, etc. etc. Need I go on???? :-) This is such a fun, but challenging age. They are learning so much every day, but tend to think they are a bit older and more independent than they really are! So for all the times that I heard, "it will get easier as they get older.....that is not exactly true!" They are sleeping all night (as long as we are free of teething, and sickness), which is a huge blessing, and we are able to get out of the house a lot more. However, we have four VERY busy toddlers who think everything in the house is free game, and nobody, I mean NOBODY should be able to play with the item/toy they have! Their personalities are really starting to shine through, which has been fun to watch(I'll give an update on that below).

Overall, we are having so much fun with the kiddos, and are learning how to adjust to this very active toddler stage! Although all the kiddos are very active, Max is still the only one walking. When we went to our last developmental follow-up appointment at the NICU, it was suggested to us that we look into physical therapy to help with strengthening. Of course this is not what we were wanting to hear, but knew it was important so the other three did not fall behind. These guys have come so far in their short 17 months of life, and when I look back at pictures of them in the first few days of life in the NICU, I cannot help but think my kids are pretty darn AMAZING! What a blessing they are!

After our first visit with the physical therapist, our minds were put at ease. She told us that they will most likely not need much physical therapy at all. She was surprised at how well they were doing for being born 10 weeks premature (especially considering they were multiples). As of now, we are still trying to work out a set schedule for the summer, but they are planning on seeing them each once a week until they start walking. Miss Emme's shirt says it all in this picture! She is a silly little girl, but definitely not wild! Emme finally started pulling herself up to stand a few weeks ago. I always thought it had a lot to do with her personality. She is our extremely laid back child, who would be content all day long sitting on your lap, or laying on the floor looking at books. She is very timid when it comes to trying new things. I think she is scared she will fall. The physical therapist agreed with us at the initial appointment, but since then Emme has come a long ways all on her own. I think she finally realized her brothers, and sister were passing her by and having a lot of fun! Now she does pretty good at keeping up with them!
Max is definitely our wild boy who really isn't afraid to try anything! Sometimes it ends with bumps and bruises, but he keeps on going! Max is such a happy little guy, and loves to dance! He has figured out that running gets you somewhere much faster than walking, which is usually a dead give away if he has something he is not supposed to have!

Miss Sophie has come SO far! We are so proud of the progress she has made! She is one determined little girl! Sophie is pulling to stand, walking around furniture, walking behind push toys, and Sunday night she stood all by herself for at least 20-30 seconds (before she realized what she was doing)! She is going to look like such a little peanut when she starts walking! :-)

I have a feeling Mr. Brady is going to be our mischievous little man! He is sneaky when he wants something he isn't supposed to have. He will quietly crawl back to a bedroom that was left open, and get into EVERYTHING before Mommy or Daddy even realize he is missing! He is also a MONKEY! He climbs on EVERYTHING, which scares this Mommy to death! Brady has a very short fuse with his siblings, and has learned that if someone takes something away from him, he can scream at the top of his lungs, slap, or bite them! We are really trying to break him of this because he even thinks it's funny to hit Mommy and Daddy. Although he can be a bit of a stinker, he is the sweetest little boy, and gets his feelings hurt very easily if he is in trouble.

Enjoying the warm weather!

(L to R) Max, Brady, Sophie, Emme

We are patiently waiting for this weather to warm up a bit more, so we can get back outside and play! We are all so sick of being cooped up in this house! I will try get an Easter post done soon, so watch for that! Hope everyone is having a great week!