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Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Can you BELIEVE we are 14 Months Old Already!?

I can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that my babies are growing and changing so fast right before my eyes. They are turning into toddlers! How did that happen?! How could 2 months have already passed us by since their first birthday?! I guess the only positive outcome of the time going by so quickly is we are that much closer to spring, and we are all ready to get out of this house!

Just when we thought our life couldn't get any crazier, or more chaotic, crawling took over in full force! Brady and Emme are crawling all over the place now, and Sophie is scooting herself backwards, so I know she is working hard to catch up with her siblings. Max is getting very brave, and has taken 3-4 steps on his own.

This age is so much fun! Everyone is really starting to talk and repeat things. They talk to each other in their own little language, and babble things that make perfect sense to themselves, but we are completely out of the loop! :-) They love to play with each other and give kisses. They all learned how to blow kisses a couple of weeks ago too.

Here is a little tid bit about what each baby has been up to lately, as well as lots of pictures!
The kitchen is the favorite hang out spot. Every time I try to put them in the living room and shut the gate, they scream and cry. They have hundreds of toys, but prefer to play with Tupperware and other miscellaneous kitchen utensils!
Miss Sophie is working so hard to catch up with her siblings. We are really noticing how much stronger she is getting. She has had to fight so hard in her short little life, but always has a sweet smile on her face. She is such a Daddy and Papa's girl, and has both of them wrapped around her finger as tight as possible. Although she is by far the smallest of the group, she LOVES to eat, and eats way more than anyone else! She is not picky at all! Sophie just cut her two top eye teeth, but no molars yet!
Emme is our goof ball! She always has a silly smile on her face and thinks EVERYTHING is hilarious! She wrinkles up her little nose and gives a fake laugh out of blue for no apparent reason! She is so silly and loves to make us laugh. Emme is also very sassy, and isn't shy to express herself when she is mad! She is extremely picky when it comes to eating, and usually has to examine and smell the food before she will let it come anywhere near her mouth!

Wild Max doesn't stop for anything! From the time he wakes up until he goes to bed, he is on the go! His new favorite hobby is picking on his sisters. He loves to pull their hair, and then looks to see if Mommy saw what he did while flashing his mischievous little smile. He knows how to make you laugh to get himself out of trouble, and I have a feeling we will battle this in the future! Max just cut two of his top molars and wasn't too fussy at all! Max loves to look out the living room window and wait for Daddy to come home.
"Mom, I swear I'm NOT tired!"
Brady is our cuddly baby, and a big time Mommy's boy! He has decided that since he is too big for the swing now, he doesn't like the idea of sleeping in his bed. It usually takes us about an hour to finally get him to sleep at night. Nap time is getting better, but started off taking over an hour and a half to get him to sleep, and then it was about time to wake up again. Brady loves to give hugs and kisses (even when you don't ask for them)! He is not crazy about Max getting in his space, and usually lets him know about it! Maybe he is scared his little bit of hair will be pulled out by Max! He is trying to cut his molars, but not having much luck. He is pretty miserable and doesn't do well with teething.
My attempts at getting a group shot were unsuccessful! Needless to say, I think my days of photoshoots are over! :-)

I am so blessed to get the opportunity to stay at home with our kids and watch all of their milestones. I couldn't imagine missing out on one of their firsts. Although it can be exhausting, I have the best job in the world!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Way to go Sophie!

Since leaving the NICU last February, Sophie has been having routine echo cardiograms every few months to check the left side of her heart. She started off in the NICU on meds for high blood pressure, which likely caused some thickening on the left side of her heart. Her blood pressure has been great for the past 5 months, and the thickening has shown some improvement, however, the cardiologist and nephrologist wanted to keep an eye on her heart to make sure it continued to improve.

Today was a big day for Miss Sophie! She was released by the cardiologist, and does not have to go back unless we have concerns! Her echo cardiogram looked great! We are so relieved that we do not have to worry about her having a heart condition that could effect her long term. This girl is such a little fighter! It's so hard to believe that she hasn't even been home with us a year yet! This is a great way to start off our new year!