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Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Fun!

I cannot believe how fast this summer is flying by!!!!! We have been having so much fun with the babies this summer, and have been very busy! Here is the latest update on what we have been up to in quadville! :-)

Little Miss Sophie is so happy and smiley all the time these days! I love going into her room in the mornings to get her out of her bed because she has the most precious smile on her face every time!!

She is such a good eater, and loves to eat just about anything! Since she is the tiniest of the babies, and not on the growth chart yet, we are adding a little bit of butter to her vegetables to give her some extra calories, and the little peanut LOVES it!

She has two bottom teeth now, and loves to chew on the spoon when eating baby food! She is also trying to say bah-bah, and is rolling from her tummy to her back!

We are so proud of our little fighter! She has come so far since birth, and truly amazes us more and more each day! I think she is determined to surprise everyone!
Little Miss Emme is as sweet as ever these days, however, the poor girl is having a terrible time with teething lately! The poor thing cannot seem to get any teeth to come through, and is a little cranky, which is very unusual for her. Hopefully this won't last long, and she'll go back to her easy-going self!

She is a pretty good eater, but likes to take her sweet time when eating! She really isn't too picky about what she eats, but she has figured out that the vegetables don't taste as good as the fruits. Usually she will eat her veggies for a while, and then decide she is done with that. Once you get the fruit out, she is one happy girl! We just started giving her graham crackers, biter biscuits, and fruit puffs. She loves the biter biscuits and fruit puffs, but is not so sure about the fruit puffs yet.

Emme has become a big time Daddy's girl, and loves to say da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da all day long! Despite the fact that I have been teaching her ma-ma since she was born! :) It is so sweet to see how much she loves her daddy!

Due to the fact that Emme is EXTREMELY laid back, she is still not rolling from her back to her tummy yet! It is so funny to watch her play on the floor because she could care less about going after the toys that are out of her reach. I think she has figured it out that Mommy and Daddy will eventually let her have those toys, so why bother wasting the energy on trying to get them herself! She is so close to rolling from her back to her tummy, and we know it will soon come. Before we know it she will be able to go wherever she wants to! For now, we are enjoying these moments of sitting still! She is also very close to sitting on her own. She can do it for quite a while with her Boppy pillow behind her, and most of the time will sit without a pillow as long as there is something in front of her that she is interested in looking at.
Mr. Max is into EVERYTHING!!!!! He has mastered rolling both ways, and uses that to his advantage to get wherever he needs to go to get what he wants. I swear the boy can get from point A to point B in a matter of seconds! Since Max is such a go-getter, Grandpa is working on building a gate for our stairs. He is also getting closer to scooting everyday. If you put something out of his reach, you can see the determination in his eyes to get to it! I'm pretty sure he will be the first one to crawl, walk, run, etc. :-) He hasn't quite mastered sitting on his own yet, but is very close. He is always checking things out around him, which makes it difficult for him to balance himself while sitting! He is so much fun to watch as he discovers new things!

Max has two bottom teeth, one top tooth, and two more top teeth working on breaking through. He has done pretty well with teething, and hasn't seemed to be any fussier than usual, which isn't much. He is definitely our outspoken baby, and isn't afraid to let Mommy and Daddy know what he wants or doesn't want! I can't wait to see what the little stinker learns next! :-)

He is also a very good eater. In fact, most of the time, we can't get the food in his mouth fast enough! For the past couple of weeks, we have been giving him biter biscuits, graham crackers, and fruit puffs. He LOVES them! He isn't quite coordinated enough to get the fruit puffs in his mouth on his own yet, but does really well with the biter biscuits and graham crackers!
Sweet Brady has had a terrible time lately! He had a rough time with teething, but now has two bottom teeth. He is just now getting over bronchitis which came on extremely fast! He woke up Tuesday morning with some discharge and redness in his eye. We kept an eye on it until Wednesday, and were going to make him a doctor appointment if it didn't get better. On Wednesday he had a tiny bit of a cough, so we thought maybe he just had a cold in his eye, and didn't think much about it. Emme had a cold in her eye a while back and the doctor said to keep wiping it out with a warm wash cloth. By Thursday, poor Brady was so sick! Daddy took him to the doctor, and found out that he had bronchitis. We couldn't believe how fast it moved to his chest. After a couple of days of antibiotics and an inhaler, he is now feeling much better, and back to his happy, sweet self!

Brady has a personality much like Emme, and is very laid back. He is also not rolling from back to tummy yet, but is so close. I think he could do it if he really was determined to get a toy, but he is like Emme and will wait for Mommy and Daddy to give it him. He is also very close to sitting by himself. If he has his Boppy pillow behind him, he feels more secure, and can sit for quite a while on his own.

Brady is a good eater as well as everyone else. He loves all of the baby foods that we have given him. We are also adding some butter to his vegetables to help him gain some more weight. He isn't quite on the growth chart yet, so hopefully by the time we take him and Sophie to their 9 month check-up they will be on the chart! He loves graham crackers and biter biscuits too, and does a great job getting them into his mouth. He isn't real sure about the fruit puffs yet though!
One of my absolute favorite things about having multiples is watching them interact, and learn to love each other! They are so sweet with each other, and love to play side by side. I hope that as they grow up, they will love each other and continue to keep a close bond! Here is a picture of Brady and Sophie sitting in their table having a discussion about something very important! If only I could understand baby talk!
Max and Emme hanging out in their table. They look so big here! It is hard to believe that they will be 9 months old soon! Where did the time go?!
We just introduced all the babies to their swing set in the back yard. They weren't real sure about it at first, but realized it was a lot of fun! I'm sure they will spend a lot of time in the back yard playing!
Brady had just as much fun chewing on the straps as he did swinging!

Sophie couldn't figure out if she should laugh or be scared! Such a cute face!

Max loved it from the beginning! He is our wild man though, so that is not much of a surprise!
Emme loved having her daddy push her in the swing! Look at that big smile!
This picture was taken a few weeks ago when Papa came down to visit. I thought it was really cute, so I had to add it. The babies love their Papa! He always takes them outside in the stroller when he is down. They are so happy when they are outside! Hopefully they will always have a love the the outdoors. I know their daddy can't wait to play outside with them!
Despite the fact that we are sleep deprived, with teething and sick babies, we are loving our life at home with our family. We are so incredibly blessed, and couldn't imagine our lives without these sweet angels! It is absolutely amazing to watch the babies grow and learn new things, and feels so surreal to think back to the NICU days when they were so fragile, and only weighed 2 and 3 pounds each. God does pretty amazing things!
Mommy is getting a little anxious as we get ready to head to Iowa City next weekend for a wedding that Daddy is in! This will be the first time I have been away from them over night since they came home from the hospital. I know it will be good to have some time away, and they will be in very good hands with Nana and Papa, but it will be very difficult!
Sorry for such a lengthy post! I will try to post again sooner next time! :-)
I almost forgot this last picture! Mommy took the girls to get their ears pierced! They look so darn cute. Thank goodness for my good friend Trista who held them both while they had it done. I am certain that I would have chickened out!