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Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day Weekend/Trip to Decorah/Lansing

We had another very busy, but fun weekend! I cannot believe how fast the summer is going by! Before we know it, we'll be in RSV lock down again, so we have really been trying to enjoy summer!

On Friday we traveled to James' parent's house for the weekend. Nana and Papa babysat Friday night, so James and I could go out on a date for our anniversary. Date night is almost always followed by a trip to Walmart these days! Even when we are away from home! We had a bit of a misunderstanding before we left. James thought I had packed formula, and I thought he had packed it. Long story short......we had no formula!!!!! Good thing we discovered the problem before we had four, screaming and hungry babies!!!

Saturday night, James tried out his Dad's new smoker. We invited my Grandparents out for dinner, so Caleb had to take the opportunity to give Grandma and Grandpa a ride on his go-kart. He was pretty proud!
Caleb and Grandma Mick
Caleb and Grandpa Lee
Daddy and his sweet babies!
We also celebrated Father's Day a day early since we were in the car most of the day on Sunday. We got Daddy a huge cookie from the mall, which was very yummy! We also put the babies' picture in the Mason City paper for him to find Sunday morning before we left. He was pretty surprised!!!
Daddy with his cookie!

Uncle Caleb with Brady and Max.
All the Grandpa's, but my dad. The babies were napping when he came to visit!
(L to R: Max, Great-Grandpa Lee, Emme, James, Brady, Papa Dotzler, and Sophie)
Papa with his babies!
(L to R: Brady, Max, Sophie, Emme)
Great-Grandpa Lee with 4 out of 6 of his great grand kids!
(L to R: Brady, Max, Sophie, Emme)
On Sunday, we traveled to Decorah to see Great-Grandma Dotzler in the nursing home, and then on to Lansing to celebrate Great-Grandma "Farmer's" (Manning) 86th birthday. It was the first time that either of them had gotten to see the babies! We had such a good time visiting with family. Many of James' relatives had not had the chance to meet the babies yet, so everyone was very excited!
Great-Aunt Marilyn and Brady
Ashley and Max
Brady thought Great-Grandma Dotzler's fingers were pretty tasty!
Ashley and Marilyn with the babies.
(L to R: Emme, Sophie, Brady, Max)
Great-Grandma Dotzler with Emme
Great-Grandma Dotzler with Max.
Great-Grandma Dotzler with Brady.
Great-Grandma Dotzler with Sophie.
4 Generations of Dotzlers!
(L to R: Sophie, Papa, Emme, Great-Grandma Dotzler, Brady, Daddy, Max)
Great-Grandma Dotzler and Papa with the babies.
Great-Grandma Dotzler had 18 kids, and I don't know how in the world she did it! :)
Sophie snuggling with Daddy!
(L to R: Emme, Max, Sophie, Brady)
Our family!
(L to R: Daddy, Emme, Max, Sophie, Brady, Mommy)

Great-Aunt Patty with Brady and Max.
4 Generations!
(L to R: Daddy, Great-Grandma Farmer/Manning, Nana Jean
Brady, Emme, Max, Sophie)
The car ride home must have wore Uncle Caleb out. He fell asleep on Max's carseat!
Max took advantage of Caleb sleeping, and got his glasses!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy 1st Father's Day!!!!

We traveled to Decorah and Lansing today to see Great-Grandma Dotzler and Great-Grandma Manning. It was a great day, and I will post more about that later, but I had to write a quick blog post about my wonderful husband on his very special 1st Father's Day.......

Happy 1st Father's Day to the best Daddy ever! Our kids are truly blessed to have such an amazing Daddy!

James is incredible when it comes to pitching in around the house, and helping Mommy out. I honestly don't know what I would do without him. We have become such a team since having the babies, and are loving our life!! I can't wait to watch our children grow, and couldn't imagine sharing it with anyone else! I hope you enjoyed your day even though most of it was in the car!

WE LOVE YOU!!!!Daddy with his babies.

(L to R) Max, Emme, Brady, Sophie

"We have the best Daddy in the world!"

(L to R) Brady, Max, Sophie, Emme

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Changes in the Dotzler household!

I am on a roll this week with blogging! I am finally getting caught up on everything that has been going on in our crazy, but fun life. Since we have had some pretty awesome things happening lately, I thought I better get another blog post done before another month goes by! I've included tons of pictures of the babies......

Since Sophie has had a tougher time with her feedings, the pediatrician recommended that we wait to start feeding her baby food until she was doing better. At her 6 month check-up, he said to go ahead and try feeding her baby food. We started with rice cereal.

And.....she was not a fan AT ALL! She gave me the funniest faces, and pretty much spit everything back out that went in her mouth. I even tried to mix in a little fruit to sweeten it up, but she still wanted nothing to do with it! We will keep trying, and I'm sure within time she will be caught up to her brothers and sister!

My Dad is a pretty amazing carpenter, and I haven't found much that he can't do. He has helped us out so much with finishing our basement, and now his newest creation.......our very own quad table! We are so thankful to him because making one saved us a lot of money! The babies are still getting used to it, and need to get a bit more stable because the chairs don't have as much support as their Bumbo seats, but we are so excited!

You know you have quadruplets when you replace your dining room table with something like this, but it will make life so much easier now that they are eating baby food!

This picture makes me laugh! Jack had to try it out too, and was so excited to be sitting next to Max and Emme in the table. I'm guessing they won't be able to sit comfortably in it much past 2 years! :)

As you can see in this picture, the babies are putting anything they can find in their mouths! Max thought Emme's foot looked like something nice to chew on! This picture was taken last Friday (June 4), and Max cut his first tooth the very next day! It looks so cute! Brady and Emme have been pretty fussy lately, so I'm guessing they are next.

Mr. Max's favorite toy these days is his feet! He loves them!

Miss Emme Lee!

Big girl Sophie in the jumperoo!

Sweet Brady James!

I love summer, and the cute clothes the babies are wearing! We love taking lots of pictures!
(L to R) Max, Emme, Brady, Sophie

Emme and Sophie taking a nap together! They were even holding hands! Such sweet girls!

Grandpa always jokes around that he is going to pack the babies up in his bag and take them home with him. Last weekend he tried it with Emme! She fit perfectly in there! Grandpa thought it was pretty funny!

"Ummmm.....Grandpa, I'm not sure about this!"
AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST..............

"Do you notice anything different about me???"
Miss Sophie took it upon herself Tuesday night (June 8) at some point in time to remove her oxygen herself. Daddy woke up Wednesday morning, and found her with her cannula completely off her face, and her oxygen levels sitting at 98%. We thought about putting it back on since she had been at 1/8 liter of oxygen, and our next step was to turn her down to 1/16 liter, and then eventually room air. Since she was doing so well, we thought we would let her be with no oxygen to see how she would react. She has done very well! She has dipped down a couple of times while asleep, but brought it back up very quickly. The doctor told us it is pretty normal for her oxygen levels to drop a little bit when she is asleep because your air way gets floppy when you sleep. All in all, she is doing great. We will continue to monitor her levels for a week or so, and if she continues to do well, she will be completely cord free!!!! We are so excited for her! Way to go Sophie! We are so proud of the little fighter you are! You have come so far since birth, and continue to amaze us everyday!
Sophie also had a check-up with the nephrologist on Tuesday for her blood pressure issues she had in the NICU. He was very pleased with the blood pressure numbers we have been getting from home, and said we only need to check it once a month. She will have a follow-up appointment in September, and another echo cardiogram to make sure everything looks good.
We continue to be completely amazed with the progress the babies are each making. They are currently all within normal developmental milestones for their gestational age. Some of the babies are even on track in most of the areas for a full term 6 month old. When we first learned that we were going to have quadruplets, we had no idea what to expect. Our little miracle babies are such a blessing from God, and we thank Him daily for each and every one of them!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Baptism Weekend

My intentions were to blog about the babies being baptised weeks ago, but seeing as I am having a terrible time staying on top of blogging, I am just now getting around to it! I am hoping to get a couple blog posts done today since we have had quite a bit going on lately!

The babies were baptised on Sunday, May 23, and it was a beautiful day!!! The weather was perfect, and we were surrounded by our wonderful family and friends. The babies did great at church, and I cannot wait to start taking them to church more often! They all looked adorable in their baptism outfits. Here are some pictures of the big day.........

My best friend (since 5th grade) came from Missouri with her boyfriend Brandon, and adorable daughter, Taylor.
Taylor and Caleb

Posing in their adorable outfits!
(L to R) Sophie, Emme, Brady & Max

Brady James

Brady James

Max Edward

Max Edward

Sophie Marie

Sophie Marie

Emme Lee

Emme Lee

Our family

Great-Grandpa Lee and Great-Grandma Mick

Nana Jean & Papa Jerry

Grandpa Kevin & Grandma Robin

Max with his sponsors, Uncle Cory and Uncle Caleb

Brady with his sponsors, Uncle Jeff and Uncle Jeremy

Sophie with her sponsors, Great-Aunt Kris and Great-Uncle Alvaro

I feel terrible because with all the confusion after church, I never got a picture of Emme with her sponsors, our awesome friends Jesse and Tanya Watters. I am going to have to get a picture of them with Emme one of these days, so Emme knows we didn't forget about her. The babies were very crabby, and hot after church, so they were changed into different outfits by the time that Jesse and Tanya made it to our house.
Sunday was also my cousin Toni's sons birthday. We baked him own special cake!

Jackson blowing out his candles.

The kids having a blast running through the sprinkler!

More sprinkler fun....