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Monday, December 20, 2010

The secrets to a clean house.....HA!

Whenever I post pictures on the blog or Facebook, I always seem to get comments like, "Wow, your house sure looks clean for someone who has 4 babies!" Every time I hear this, I seriously laugh out loud! James and I were just talking about how we should take a before and after picture of the living room. Before meaning after the babies go to bed for the night, and after meaning from the time the babies wake up until they go to bed for the night.

When the babies first started getting mobile, and could get the toys out on their own, I would always try to keep stuff picked up. I guess it's the preschool teacher in me. My classroom always had a place for everything with a picture, so the kids knew where to put everything when it was clean up time. Having your own kids at home sure gives you a quick reality check! Anyways when they are little it does! I have finally learned that I have to pick and choose my battles, and keeping the toys picked up all the time is definitely not a battle that I am going to win anytime soon! My living room can look like a tornado went through it faster than it takes me to get everything put away. I still like to have stuff picked up at night, but it doesn't always happen now. I took some pictures today just to prove that my house is definitely not neat and tidy by any means. We wouldn't have it any other way though! :-) I even posted a picture of our beautiful tree that Max has re-decorated all by himself! At least the top of the tree still has ornaments on it!

Here are some pictures to show you what our little munchkins have been up to lately...
Our nice and tidy living room before the kids woke up this morning.

Our not so tidy living room after they layed down for their morning nap at 10:00 a.m.

Our "beautiful" Christmas tree (including the lovely gate)

Apparently Sophie thought her peaches were too slimy to pick up today!
It's much easier this way!
Brady is soooooo big!
Max watching Daddy leave for work this morning.......or possibly pondering how he could get the trash can that is sitting outside the door.
Happy girl Emme!
Brady is so close to crawling, but can't quite figure out what to do next.....
or someone gets in his way!
Sophie is always such a happy girl!
Somehow Max managed to get stuck in a tote full of toys!
Smiley Brady
Emme has figured out the army crawl, and could crawl on her hands and knees if she wanted to. She is so laid back and content with watching her siblings.
Sophie is getting there won't be long!
Our sweet girls with little ponytails
Happy girls! Emme is on the left and Sophie on the right.

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