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Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

1st Birthday Party Fun!

I meant to post these pictures from the babies birthday party last week, but with all the chaos of traveling for Thanksgiving I didn't get around to it. Everything turned out great, and the babies had so much fun. It was very entertaining to watch each of them with their cake and presents! I made almost everything for their party myself, so I was a little nervous that I would forget something, but everything turned out amazing! :-)

Family Photo....The babies were too busy to look at the camera!

Brady and Max playing with their new toys!

The cake table.
Our favorite nurse from the NICU, Betty with Emme.

(L to R) Emme, Brady, Sophie, Max
Their cakes!
Max dug right into his cake, and of course made a huge mess! He thought the cake was pretty tasty!

Brady's reaction was hysterical! He never really ate any of the cake, but thought it was fun to destroy it, and make a huge mess! The more everyone laughed at him, the bigger mess he made. He was totally showing off for the audience!

Sophie preferred to eat hers face first in the cake! I guess you get less messy that way! She really liked the cake too!

Miss Priss, Emme wanted NOTHING to do with her cake! You can see her examining the tiny bit of frosting on her fingers. I had to put her hand in the cake, and she was not happy about it!
Our quad friends that we met while I was pregnant!

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  1. Love your pictures! Congrats on such a wonderful family! Hope we can meet one day!