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Friday, October 22, 2010

RSV lockdown is here to stay for a while!

We have been hearing about a lot of sickness that has been going around, and the babies are getting over a cold, so we decided it was time for "lock down" to begin. We haven't heard anything about RSV synagist yet, so my guess is that the insurance company will not cover it this year. Our pediatrician told us that we should know no later than November, so we're still holding on to hope. We knew we would still have to be careful, and try not to expose the babies to any unnecessary germs, but it stinks now that we are used to being able to take them out and about. Last winter was so long, and the weather was horrible. We are praying for a short and mild winter this year (wishful thinking, huh)!

Two weekends ago we had so much fun getting together with a triplet family that we met while in the hospital. The triplets are a little over a month older than our quads. James met the triplets' dad, Joe, when I was on bed rest, and we met up again at the NICU reunion. The kids all had fun, and it was nice for us adults too! :)

We are SO excited about our new choo choo wagon! While I was on bed rest, I read all sorts of blogs of families with quadruplets, and every single one of them raved about the choo choo wagon. I knew that we would want one as soon as the babies were big enough to sit in a wagon, but was super disappointed to find out that the company no longer made them. I found a couple on eBay that were way over priced, and by the time you paid for the shipping, it was definitely not worth it. About a month ago, I was looking on the Step 2 website for birthday ideas for the babies, and found that they were going to start making the choo choo again this fall. Of course there were no dates as to when they would go on sale, and how much they would cost, but after much waiting, we finally have one! We were too excited to wait until November to let the babies ride in it, and knew it would probably be too cold by then, so last week we took it for a spin. The kids LOVE it, and look so grown up sitting in it! Makes me sad to see how big they are getting, but know that life is getting easier all the time!

Here are some pictures of our play date, and our new wagon!

Group shots are not easy with 7 kiddos age one and under!
Poor Sophie didn't last long!
Our New Choo Choo Wagon!!!!
Sophie looks very relaxed! :)
Gunner had to get in on the action too!


  1. I love the pics!! I took your advise and ordered a choo-choo wagon too. We just got it today. I can't wait until next spring to use it!!