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Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers

Monday, October 18, 2010

11 Months Old!

We are now one month away from the babies birthday! Where has the time gone?! I have started planning their party, but am still in a bit of denial that they will actually be one soon! It was kind of hard to come up with a birthday theme for babies that can be for girls and boys, but I think we have decided on Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I am making my own invitations, and decorations though because I didn't find much that I really liked.
We have been having so much fun lately, but that fun is going to end really soon. RSV season is fast approaching, and we will have to go back to obsessive hand washing/sanitizing, and keeping sick people away. We haven't heard yet if the babies will be approved by the insurance company for RSV synagis this year, but we are praying that they will. We definitely don't want the babies to get sick with anything this winter, especially RSV. We took the babies last week to get their flu shots, and they did really well. Both Max and Brady never even flinched when they got their shot, which really surprised us. The girls cried for maybe 30 seconds and were fine. Now Mommy and Daddy need to get theirs!
Here is an update on the babies at 11 months...

Sophie Marie

Weight: 14 pounds 11 ounces (with clothes on)

Sophie is such a good baby. She still sucks her thumb to fall asleep, and sleeps around 12-14 hours a night. We are starting to think that she might be a bit like her brother Max once she gets to crawling. When she sees something she wants, she starts kicking and squealing. She can say ba ba ma ma, and da da now, and has learned how to shake her head no. She is sitting up all by herself now, but is still a bit wobbly at times. Her favorite foods are applesauce and yogurt. We have tried giving her small pieces of carrots, green beans, peaches, and pears, but she isn't a fan yet.

Emme Lee

Weight: 18 pounds 5 ounces (with clothes on)

Emme is also a very good baby, and has a very laid back personality. She is our silly little girl, and thinks everything is funny. She is always laughing at her siblings, and loves to play with them. She usually sleeps about 12 hours at night also. Emme is sitting up on her own, and rolling all over the place now. She learned how to wave bye bye, and can play pat a cake now as well. Emme got her first top tooth at Nana and Papa's house on Saturday, October 9. Her favorite foods are applesauce and yogurt like her sister, and she finally decided last week that she kind of likes small pieces of carrots too. I think she will be our picky eater. Emme can say ma ma, da da, and ba ba.

Max Edward

Weight: 21 pounds 11 ounces (with clothes on)
Max is our wild man, and is into EVERYTHING these days! He has mastered the army crawl, and is trying to crawl on his hands and knees. I don't know if he'll ever crawl that way. He is starting to try and pull up on things, but is not quite there yet. He loves to play in the walker, and can pretty much run around the house in it. Max usually sleeps around 12 hours at night, but often times wakes up for a bottle around 3 am. He is very independent, and will not let you hold him when giving him a bottle anymore. He likes to have his bottle in his bed even though you are not supposed to do that. We have tried giving him his bottle on a boppy pillow in the living room, but he is very easily distracted, and never finishes more than a couple of ounces. He is finally sleeping in his bed and not the swing anymore! We haven't found much that Max doesn't like to eat. He loves to eat pancakes, yogurt, peaches, and mandarin oranges. Max can say ma ma, da da, ba ba, bye bye, and he is trying to say puppy. He can shake his head for yes, and no. Max just got his seventh tooth (bottom) this weekend.

Brady James

Weight: 18 pounds 11 ounces (with clothes on)

Brady is such a sweet little boy, and loves to cuddle. He can say ma ma, da da, and ba ba, but his favorite is definitely da da. He says it all day long. Brady can sit up on his own, play pat a cake, wave bye bye, and play "so big!" Brady usually sleeps about 12 hours at night, but occasionally wakes up early for a bottle. He absolutely loves our dog Gunner, and gets super excited when Gunner gives him kisses. Brady is also a good eater, and likes pretty much everything. Some of his favorites are peaches, carrots, applesauce, and yogurt.

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