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Thursday, September 16, 2010

10 Month Update

First of in the world can we have 4 ten month olds already?! This first year is going by so quickly, and I have mixed emotions on how I feel about the babies turning one. It is so exciting to watch them learn new things, but also sad to know that they won't be babies much longer. We aren't planning on having anymore children, so I wish things would slow down a bit. I am so thankful that I have been able to stay at home with the babies, and haven't missed out on any milestones yet. I know that had I only had one baby at a time, I probably wouldn't have had the opportunity to stay at home. I look forward to all the fun that we are going to have with our quads. They are already developing such a special bond with each other, and I absolutely LOVE watching them interact with each other each day. I hope they have a close bond forever! :)
Here is an update on our little stinkers! The pictures are from their first time eating/playing with pudding with their fingers! It was hilarious to watch their reactions!

Miss Sweet Sophie is such a good baby. The girl loves to sleep! She is still going to sleep around 9:00, and doesn't get up until about 10:30 in the morning. If only she could teach her brothers and sister how to sleep like that! We would have it made! She has six teeth, and looks so silly when she smiles because her little fang teeth show more than the top middle teeth. She is loving the jumperoo these days, and is trying to sit up on her own. It shouldn't be too much longer and she'll be sitting without any help! Sophie also LOVES to eat. We have been giving the babies more table food, and less baby food, and so far Sophie likes applesauce, yogurt, pudding, bananas, and carrots. She was not a fan of mashed potatoes, which surprised me.
We got some good news last week on Sophie. You may remember that Sophie has been going to a pediatric nephrologist since leaving the NICU due to high blood pressure. She has been on a diuretic to help keep fluid off her lungs, and keep her blood pressure down. After leaving the NICU, the nephrologist ordered an echo cardiogram to check her heart, and found some thickening on the left side of her heart. Since then, she has been going every couple of months for check-ups with the nephrologist. We have also been monitoring her blood pressure from home. The nephrologist ordered a repeat echo cardiogram to check her heart for improvements, and was happy with the results. He told us that the thickening is still there, but has improved. Her blood pressure has been really good too, so he is releasing her from his care, and said we can try to ween her from her meds! We are so happy for Sophie, and can't wait until she is medicine free! The pediatrician wants to see her next week to check her blood pressure, and electrolytes, but as long as everything looks good, she will only have her blood pressure checked at regular check-ups.
***Sophie was not sure about the pudding at first, but eventually learned that it was really fun to make a mess!
Miss Emme girl is also as sweet as they come! She has turned into a little goofball lately, and thinks everything (especially her siblings) are very funny! She is such a good baby, and entertains herself the majority of the time. She loves to watch TV, jump in the jumperoo, and play with toys. She has 2 bottom teeth now, and is sitting up all by herself. Emme has decided that she likes to be a night owl, and usually ends up sleeping in the swing in our bedroom. She is a big daddy's girl, so I think most nights, she is just waiting for her daddy to rock her to sleep! Emme is not liking table food much at all! The only things she seems to like are yogurt, pudding (if fed from a spoon and not her hands), and sometimes applesauce. She doesn't like anything with a weird texture, and usually ends up gagging, and throwing it up! I think the poor girl would be content with eating baby food forever!
***Emme was not into the pudding at all! She did not like getting dirty, and acted like she was disgusted by the pudding!
Mr. Brady boy has a very sweet personality, and loves to cuddle. He can also be very vocal if he wants something! He gets very angry when one of his siblings takes a toy away from him, but also loves to smile and play with his brother and sisters. This little boy is so smart! He LOVES to watch Baby Boost, which is a free show we found that our cable provider offers. He is a very quick learner, and loves to play pat-a-cake, and "so big!" If he sees someone clapping on TV, he always has to mimic what they are doing. Brady is fascinated by our dog, Gunner, and loves to get puppy kisses. He has four teeth now (two bottom, two top), and likes most of the table food that we have given him so far. His favorite are yogurt, pudding, and applesauce. He is sitting up all by himself now, and loves to play with toys that play music! He also loves the jumperoo.
***Brady thought the pudding was tons of fun! He slapped his hands on the table, and splattered pudding everywhere!

Mr. Mad Max is as high energy as ever! He learned how to crawl over the weekend, and thinks it is so much fun to get all the things that he couldn't get to before like the computer cord, vacuum, left over snacks on the floor, etc. He is definitely going to be our wild child, and most likely the leader. He LOVES to eat, and isn't very picky. So far he has eaten pretty much all the table foods that we have given him, but like Brady, his favorites are yogurt, applesauce, and pudding. Max is finally sleeping in his crib, and hasn't been in his swing all weekend!!!! I think he has finally figured it out that his bed is much more comfortable than the swing. Max is very vocal, and likes to yell as loud as possible to let you know that he needs something (usually more snacks)!

***Max loved the pudding, and wanted more. He definitely made the biggest mess!

I was very brave on Thursday, and attempted to give all four babies a bath at the same time by myself!!! I was nervous, but they did really well. They all had so much fun playing and splashing with each other. It really made bath time go much faster. I cannot believe how big they are all getting! Time flies when you're having fun!!! :)

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  1. Loved the update! Yay for Sophie weaning off her meds! And a crawler...oh boy! How exciting!