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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where have the last 9 months gone?!

Once again, I have some catching up to do! I cannot seem to stay caught up with this blog, but am determined to be. In a way, this is a form of a baby book and helps me document everything that is going on in our crazy little world!

Two weekends ago, James and I headed to Marion for a wedding. We had so much fun hanging out with friends, but I missed the babies so much! This was the first time I had left them over night other than when they were in the NICU. James' parents kept the babies at their house for the weekend, and let me just tell you what AMAZING in laws I have! We headed to their house Thursday night since we would be leaving pretty early on Friday. It had been a pretty stressful week because sickness hit our house! Poor Brady had bronchitis, and of course Max ended up with it too. Sweet little Sophie got a urinary tract infection, and was a very sick girl! Emme was the only one who lucked out, and stayed healthy. After dealing with sick (and teething) babies all week, Nana and Papa must have known that we really needed a break! James went fishing with his brother, which he never seems to get to do much anymore, and Nana and Papa sent me to get a pedicure! I really don't know what we would do without them. They keep our sanity in tact for sure! I couldn't ask for a better mother and father-in-law, and am extremely grateful for both of them! The weekend went well, but poor Nana and Papa looked exhausted when we got back!

For Mother's Day, James' parents got me a ticket to the Keith Urban concert at the Iowa State Fair, so last Friday night Nana and I headed to the concert, and had an AMAZING time. This was the 3rd time seeing him, and he was great as always!

On Saturday, James headed to Lansing for a bachelor party, so Nana and Papa stayed at our house to help me out (Have I ever mentioned that they come down EVERY WEEKEND to help us out! Love them!) We had so much fun!

Uncle Jeffy came home from a summer in Arkansas where he was completing an internship, so we went to dinner at Outback Steakhouse, followed by yummy ice cream, and even a little bit of shopping! We did all of this with the babies along! They were so good, and had a blast! We always get lots of looks from people, but most people are very positive, which is nice!

Although Emme was lucky enough to stay healthy while everyone else got sick, she is now sick with the same stuff, so hopefully it won't last too long. I feel so bad for her, but she is such a trooper and always a happy girl! For some reason, Max, Brady, and Sophie woke up yesterday morning with runny noses too, so I'm not sure what is going on! We are praying that everyone gets healthy soon, and can stay that way throughout the winter months. We were so fortunate to stay healthy during RSV season last year! I cannot believe this summer is almost over already, and our babies are 9 months old today!

Here are a few pictures to go along with this lengthy post! One of these days I will stay caught up on things (I hope)!

Max and Brady trying to get each other. The new favorite game in our house is see how fast we can try to bite each other!

The girls were both laying on their tummy, so I thought I would get a quick picture, but they are moving too quickly these days. Within about 2 seconds they had both rolled over!

Sweet Sophie girl can sleep anywhere! The girl absolutely loves to sleep! She usually goes to bed around 9:00 and almost always sleeps in until 10:00 the next morning. If only she could train her brothers and sister to sleep that long! Sophie also has another tooth. She got one of her top "fang" teeth last week, and looks so cute! We started giving her fruit puffs, and yogurt melts, and she seems to like them!

We like to call this little stinker "Mad Max!" He is definitely our most outspoken of the four, and does not hesitate to let us know exactly what he wants. His newest thing to do is scream at the top of his lungs for no apparent reason. He LOVES to eat too. He ate 3 biter biscuits last night, and wanted more. He also loves to eat fruit puffs, and yogurt melts. Max has five teeth now (3 on top and 2 on bottom).

Sweet Emme girl is as laid back as ever! She is such a good little girl, and doesn't get too upset about anything. She is content with wherever we put her, and looks exactly like her Daddy. She isn't crazy about fruit puffs or yogurt melts, but is learning to like them. Emme still has no teeth! I'm beginning to wonder if she will ever get any!

Sweet Brady Boy has learned that he too has a voice. I think he is learning some traits from Max! He has figured out that if he doesn't want to do something, or wants us to pick him up, he can scream too! It's usually followed by the sweetest smile ever (like the one in this picture)! He hasn't gotten any other teeth besides his two bottoms ones, and is not crazy about fruit puffs or yogurt melts. He gags on them, so we will try again later!

I cannot believe how quickly this summer has flown by, and even more cannot believe that we have four 9 month olds! It feels like I blinked for a couple of seconds, and all of a sudden our tiny little babies are big! It will be RSV season again before we know it, and we'll be in "lock down" again, so I guess we better really enjoy what is left of this summer! Next week, the babies have their 9 month check-up with the pediatrician, so I will post their current weights then. Hope everyone is having a great summer!


    And Emme with her teeth, my Brady didnt get his first tooth til 11.5 months, i was freaking out. but they came. Hes 2.5 now and still doesnt have his 2 year molars, but the others do. My doc said its okay and that i have far bigger things to worry about on a daily basis, hahahahaha.
    Glad you got a break, we left ours for the first time at 9 months too!

  2. I can't believe how big they are. It seems like we were just meeting you guys and I don't think any of them were 10 lbs yet!!! Can't wait to get together for a play date!!