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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where has the summer gone?!

We have been so busy the past few weeks trying to enjoy the last of summer. I cannot believe that it is already September! We even have trees starting to change colors. I love fall weather, but am not at all ready for another long winter!

Last week when the girls were napping, I took a couple couple pictures of the boys. It was cool outside, so we took advantage of wearing their cute jeans that will most likely be too small by the time winter rolls around! They look like such big boys in this picture! We took the babies to their 9 month check-up with the pediatrician last Wednesday, and everyone is doing great! This was a fun visit considering they didn't need any shots! We did find out that Miss Sophie needs to have some tests this week to make sure there isn't anything going on with her kidneys since she had a urinary tract infection at such a young age. Hopefully everything checks out OK! Other than that, everyone is gaining weight good, and will hopefully soon be on the growth chart! I know Max has made it on the growth chart, and I think possibly Brady too. The girls still have a bit of catching up to do! :) Here are their current heights and weights......

Height 25 3/4" Weight 13 pounds 3 ounces

Height 26 3/4" Weight 16 pounds 1 ounce

Height 27 3/4" Weight 18 pounds 5 ounces

Height 27 1/4" Weight 16 pounds 9 ounces

We absolutely love the babies' pediatrician, and his nurse Heidi! They are so wonderful with the babies!
Cannot believe they are 9 months old!!!

We took advantage of some of the cooler weather last week when James was off work, and went for a little picnic as a family for the first time! The babies absolutely loved it. There is a nice little lake in town that has a side walk around it, so we loaded up the stroller.
Even Gunner got to come!
Daddy and Emme (notice any resemblance?)
This past weekend I made a trip home to Clear Lake with the babies to surprise uncle Caleb at school. My mom, aunt Kris, grandma, and I picked up lunch, and ate with Caleb. His reaction was so cute, and he was so excited to show the babies off to all the teachers! I knew if I was going to make it to school to visit, I better do it now before we get into RSV season again.
Caleb and Brady
Max testing out the big kid toys at Nana and Papa's house!
Brady riding the horse!
Jackson and Emme
Taylor and Sophie
We also made a trip to the nursing home to visit a neighbor of James' when he was a kid. She was always like a second grandma to James, and he mowed her lawn for many years. She was so excited to see the babies, and introduced us all to her friends in the nursing home. I think it made everyone's day to see the babies. Hopefully next time James can come along to visit!
Sophie and Max both got a new tooth at Nana and Papa's house too! Sophie now has two fang teeth on top (4 teeth total), which looks very silly, and Max has both front top teeth (6 teeth total).

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