Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers

Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers

Sunday, August 1, 2010

4th of July in Clear Lake

Better late than never! Here are some pictures of our 4th of July trip to Clear Lake. I have always spent the 4th in Clear Lake, so I am super excited to start that tradition with my own family! We spent the weekend at James' parent's house. The babies had a blast at the parade, and my grandparent's annual picnic. Such fun memories! Daddy with sleeping Emme, and Mr. Max!
Uncle Jeremy and Sophie with her shades on!
Jackson, Toni, and Taylor
Jeremy, Toni, and Taylor
Papa and Brady
Great-Grandpa Lee and Sophie
Uncle Caleb and Emme
Great-Uncle Alvaro and Max
Papa & Brady, Great-Grandpa Lee & Sophie, Jackson, Great-Grandma Mick & Emme, Caleb
Clear Lake's fireworks were great this year!
Caleb and his friend Adam before the fireworks started.

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