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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day Weekend/Trip to Decorah/Lansing

We had another very busy, but fun weekend! I cannot believe how fast the summer is going by! Before we know it, we'll be in RSV lock down again, so we have really been trying to enjoy summer!

On Friday we traveled to James' parent's house for the weekend. Nana and Papa babysat Friday night, so James and I could go out on a date for our anniversary. Date night is almost always followed by a trip to Walmart these days! Even when we are away from home! We had a bit of a misunderstanding before we left. James thought I had packed formula, and I thought he had packed it. Long story short......we had no formula!!!!! Good thing we discovered the problem before we had four, screaming and hungry babies!!!

Saturday night, James tried out his Dad's new smoker. We invited my Grandparents out for dinner, so Caleb had to take the opportunity to give Grandma and Grandpa a ride on his go-kart. He was pretty proud!
Caleb and Grandma Mick
Caleb and Grandpa Lee
Daddy and his sweet babies!
We also celebrated Father's Day a day early since we were in the car most of the day on Sunday. We got Daddy a huge cookie from the mall, which was very yummy! We also put the babies' picture in the Mason City paper for him to find Sunday morning before we left. He was pretty surprised!!!
Daddy with his cookie!

Uncle Caleb with Brady and Max.
All the Grandpa's, but my dad. The babies were napping when he came to visit!
(L to R: Max, Great-Grandpa Lee, Emme, James, Brady, Papa Dotzler, and Sophie)
Papa with his babies!
(L to R: Brady, Max, Sophie, Emme)
Great-Grandpa Lee with 4 out of 6 of his great grand kids!
(L to R: Brady, Max, Sophie, Emme)
On Sunday, we traveled to Decorah to see Great-Grandma Dotzler in the nursing home, and then on to Lansing to celebrate Great-Grandma "Farmer's" (Manning) 86th birthday. It was the first time that either of them had gotten to see the babies! We had such a good time visiting with family. Many of James' relatives had not had the chance to meet the babies yet, so everyone was very excited!
Great-Aunt Marilyn and Brady
Ashley and Max
Brady thought Great-Grandma Dotzler's fingers were pretty tasty!
Ashley and Marilyn with the babies.
(L to R: Emme, Sophie, Brady, Max)
Great-Grandma Dotzler with Emme
Great-Grandma Dotzler with Max.
Great-Grandma Dotzler with Brady.
Great-Grandma Dotzler with Sophie.
4 Generations of Dotzlers!
(L to R: Sophie, Papa, Emme, Great-Grandma Dotzler, Brady, Daddy, Max)
Great-Grandma Dotzler and Papa with the babies.
Great-Grandma Dotzler had 18 kids, and I don't know how in the world she did it! :)
Sophie snuggling with Daddy!
(L to R: Emme, Max, Sophie, Brady)
Our family!
(L to R: Daddy, Emme, Max, Sophie, Brady, Mommy)

Great-Aunt Patty with Brady and Max.
4 Generations!
(L to R: Daddy, Great-Grandma Farmer/Manning, Nana Jean
Brady, Emme, Max, Sophie)
The car ride home must have wore Uncle Caleb out. He fell asleep on Max's carseat!
Max took advantage of Caleb sleeping, and got his glasses!

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