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Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers

Monday, February 22, 2010

Welcome home Sophie!

Wow! It's been a long time since I have found the time to update our blog. Since it has been so long, this blog will most likely be very long! We have had a lot going on lately!

Little Miss Sophie FINALLY got to come home and join her brothers and sister. We are extremely excited to have our family together at home! She came home on Saturday, February 13. We were a little worried about her at first because she was not taking her feedings well at home. We have tried to keep her back in her bedroom where it is quiet. Hopefully we will soon be able to let her interact more with her siblings, but for now the most important thing is for her to take her feedings and gain weight! We definitely do not want her to end up back in the hospital. The home health nurse will be here today to check her over and weigh her. Please pray for a good weight gain!
Big girl Sophie in her carseat ready to go home!
Mom and Dad posing for a quick picture before loading Sophie into the van.

Grandpa Kevin and Uncle Cory working on finishing our basement while we were at the hospital! Thank goodness for a wonderful family to help us out all the time!

Cory is pretending to help I think!

Sophie in her bed at home for the first time!

Max and Grandma Jean catching up on some sleep!

Sophie enjoying her Boppy pillow.

Daddy and his girls.

"Look at how cute I am, Mom!"

Our first picture together since Christmas!

Checking each other out!

Daddy feeding Sophie.
This past week was absolutely crazy! Not only did we bring our sweet girl, Sophie home, but the TLC film crew was there to capture it all on film for an upcoming show called, Make Room for Multiples. The show is a sister series to a Baby Story, but highlights families with multiples. We were contacted by them during my pregnancy and decided to let them film our journey. What better way to remember everything that has happened in the past 9 months! The only downfall was that we were bombarded by cameras, and had no idea how in depth they would be. A local film crew filmed us bringing Sophie home on Saturday, and the producer flew here from New York on Tuesday for three full days of filming. We are not sure when the show will air, but they said they would let us know 2-3 weeks ahead of time. We are excited to see how it turned out, and can't wait to show it to the quads when they get older!

My aunt Kris and cousin Toni came down to help out, which was a huge blessing! It would have been a huge disaster if they wouldn't have been here to help with the babies!
Kris back in our bedroom with the babies while we were going through interviews with the producer.
Toni helping out with the babies. They were in our bedroom with the babies for 6 hours while we answered question after question after question.........

Our house was overtaken by cameras and microphones!

Producer from New York.

Little Miss Sophie

Our sweet girls hanging out together in their bedroom!

Friday, February 19 was Sophie's first doctor visit. She had to have a check up with the pediatrician after leaving the NICU. The doctor thought she looked well, however, she hadn't gained any weight since Wednesday when the home health nurse weighed her. The doctor said not to worry since the scales might not be accurate. We'll have to see how she does today using the same scale as Wednesday.
Getting ready to leave for the doctor's office.

Getting undressed, so we're ready for the doctor.

Getting weighed, and not happy about being naked!
Daddy getting Sophie ready to go back home.

Uncle Caleb holding Sophie for the first time.

Uncle Caleb with Emme and Brady.
Grandma Robin and Sophie.

Posing for a picture together. Big boy Max was too tired for pictures though!

Proud Uncle Caleb!

Grandma and Grandpa Dotzler

Grandma Robin and Uncle Caleb

Great Grandma and Grandpa Whitehurst

Uncle Caleb was such a big helper. He fed and burped Max, and even put him to sleep all by himself!

Uncle Jeff holding Brady for the first time.

We now have 3 month olds as well! Where in the world has the time gone? As I sit in the living room watching all 4 babies enjoy tummy time with each other, I can't believe that they are this old already. It makes me sad to think of how fast they are growing, but extremely thankful when I think of how far we have come. They are all developing these cute little personalities, and I feel so lucky to be at home with them. Although our days are crazy, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Well, I better get going. Lot's to do and so little time to do it in! I will post again soon (I hope).