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Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers

Monday, January 25, 2010

Busy Weekend!

This weekend was busy with lots of visitors! We love to have visitors, and enjoy having the extra help. Grandpa Jerry and Uncle Jeremy came to visit us on Thursday night, so James and Jeremy could go ice fishing on Friday. Grandpa Jerry stayed at home with me, and helped out with the babies. He also got a chance to go up to the hospital and visit Sophie. Grandma Jean came Friday night to stay the weekend. Grandma and Grandpa are so much help to us! We are able to catch up on sleep when they are here, and get out of the house for a bit. James and I were able to visit Sophie in the hospital together Friday night. We were also able to go for dinner Saturday night. We are very lucky to have such a good support system!

Grandpa Kevin and Grandma Melani came to visit on Saturday. We hadn't seen them since Christmas, so it was nice to catch up. Melani's daughter (Kelly), and Dad/Stepmom came to visit as well. While we were all visiting, Grandma Jean and Grandpa Jerry went to see Sophie in the hospital. She is really starting to improve, and is down to only 1/2 liter of wall O2. She is also getting two bottles a day now, and is doing great with that! We are very excited, and hope she will join us at home very soon!

On Sunday, Great-Grandma Mick and Great-Grandpa Lee made a surprise visit. We hadn't seen Grandpa Lee since Christmas either. After they spent some time snuggling with Max, Emme, and Brady, we went to the hospital to visit Sophie. Grandma and Grandpa were surprised to see how much Sophie had grown since the last time they saw her.

Here are some pictures from the weekend.....

Max cuddling with Emme.

Max and Brady hangin' out on the Boppy pillow.



Mommy and Sophie

Daddy and Sophie




Max kickin' his feet up!

Daddy and Brady

Grandma Jean and Emme

Grandma Melani and Max

Melani's Stepmom, Sharon and Brady

Aunt Kelli (Melani's daughter) and Max

Grandpa Kevin and Emme

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dotzler Quads make the news!

On Friday, January 15, we had Megan Reuther from Channel 13 news come to our house to film an update. Everyone behaved so well! :) She then went to the NICU to film Sophie, and one of the NICU doctor's. The clip aired today. I am going to try and figure out a way to post it on here, but since I am very new to blogging, I won't promise anything!

Monday, January 18, 2010

The first 2 months

It is so hard to believe that my precious little babies are already 2 months old today! Time feels like it is passing by so quickly! Deciding to stay home and take care of Sophie, Emme, Max, and Brady was not the easiest decision at first, as I love my job as a teacher. However, once they were born, I very quickly realized how much more important it is to stay at home, and enjoy watching them grow. Since James and I are not planning on having anymore kids at this point, I am so glad that I am home to watch their important milestones.

Today was our first outing with 3 kiddos. We had to take Emme, Max, and Brady to the pediatrician for their 2 month check-up and shots. We started preparing last night by buckling in carseat bases, packing the diaper bag, getting bottles ready, setting out outfits, loading one of the double strollers in the van, and making sure all of Brady's oxygen supplies were ready to go. The days of walking out the door with only a purse are over! Overall, things went very smoothly. We carried everyone out to the van, and I climbed in back so I could snap everyone into the carseat base. Thank goodness for carseats that snap right in! It sure saves a lot of time! Once we got to the pediatrician's office, I worked on unhooking everyone from the bases, and handing them off to James. He then snapped Max and Brady into the stroller. I pushed the stroller, and James carried Emme in her carseat. Once Sophie comes home, we will have to take both double strollers. I called the pediatrician's office ahead of time to make sure they could get us right into a room to avoid exposing them to too many germs in the waiting area.

All bundled up, and ready to go to our 2 month doctor visit!

Patiently waiting for the doctor!
(Max, Emme, Brady)



After our doctor's visit, we decided to take the babies to visit Sophie in the NICU. The pediatrician's office is only one block away from the hospital. It was nice to have everyone in the same room again! Poor Sophie probably wondered what happened to her quiet room since we came in with starving babies during feeding time.


By the time we all got home, James and I were exhausted, and the babies were all fussy from the shots. We all took a much needed nap!

Well, I should get bottles warm for our next feeding. I am posting some pictures from the first two months of our life with quads. Hope you enjoy! :)

Looking/touching Sophie for the first time.

Looking/touching Emme for the first time.

Looking/touching Max for the first time.
Looking/touching Brady for the first time.

Sophie Marie Dotzler (2 days old)

Emme Lee Dotzler (2 days old)

Max Edward Dotzler (2 days old)

Brady James Dotzler (2 days old)

First family photo in the NICU (December, 2009)

Bringing Emme home from the NICU! (December 26, 2009)

Brady and Max were next to come home! (December 31, 2009)

Wishing sister Sophie was home to play! (Max, Emme, Brady- January 8, 2010)

Chatting about how much we miss our sister Sophie! (Emme, Max, Brady-January 8, 2010)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Our Story

Wow! How things have changed for James and myself! I always said that I wanted to start a blog, and never seemed to find the time. Not to mention the fact that I was pretty miserable on bedrest when I had the most time! Oh well, I guess now is as good of time to start one as any.

After 2 long years of trying to have a baby, James and I decided to go the fertility route. After one very successful round of IUI/Follistem, we discovered we were FINALLY pregnant. I will never forget the day that I took the home pregnancy test and saw a plus sign. James was at work, so I thought I would take a test in hopes that I would be able to surprise him once he got home. At first, I really thought I was imagining the plus sign. I had taken so many pregnancy tests in two years that I thought maybe it was my imagination. I was so excited, but very hesitant. I went to Walgreen's to buy another test to prove that I wasn't imagining anything. I even bought the idiot proof test that says pregnant or not pregnant. To my surprise it said, Pregnant! I was so excited, but of course couldn't wait until James got home to tell him, so I had to call him. He was equally as shocked and excited as I was. I called the doctor's office to tell them the good news. They told me that I should come in to have blood work drawn to confirm that I was really pregnant. I had to go in once more a few days later to have blood work drawn again to ensure that I wasn't going to have an early miscarriage. Now to the shock of our lives!

On Thursday, June 4, 2009, we went to the fertility clinic to have our first ultrasound. I remember feeling panicked. I had prayed for days leading up to the ultrasound that we would hear a heartbeat. Notice I said "a" heartbeat! As the sonographer began the ultrasound, I will never forget the words that came out of her mouth, "oh wow!" As I looked at the screen, I could see what looked like little circles. Being a little nieve, I asked if she could see a heartbeat. She smiled and said, "well there's one, there's two, there's three." At this point I realize that she is counting babies and doesn't seem to be done. I looked over at James who is no longer sitting in the chair next to me, but standing with his jaw almost touching the ground. "There's four!" I think we felt every different type of emotion you can possibly feel. The first 15 minutes home, were spent in complete silence. Neither James or myself knew what to say. After a tiny bit of the shock wore off, we decided we should tell our parents, since we would need all the support and prayers we could get. Everyone knew that I was pregnant and that we were having an ultrasound, however, nobody was prepared for what we were getting ready to tell them. In fact, nobody believed us at first. Everyone thought we were playing some kind of funny practical joke. Little did they know, we were as serious as you can get!

We were told to schedule an apointment in two weeks to have another ultrasound. since there was a 25% chance that my body might not be able to handle all four babies, and could lose one or more of the babies in the next couple of weeks. Although it may have been a bit easier or less of a financial strain to only have 2 or 3 babies, we were praying that there would still be four strong heartbeats. We were pleasantly surprised and relieved once we once again counted four healthy little heartbeats. We knew that God obviously has a plan for us, and wouldn't give us more than what we could handle. Since then, that belief has been what has gotten through all of this. After seeing our four miracle babies, and holding them for the first time, I believe more than ever that everything happens for a reason. What a wonderful blessing!

Here are a few pictures of our journey into parenthood.......

This picture was taken at the Keith Urban concert. I was 8 weeks pregnant, and had just found out I was having quadruplets!

This picture was taken at 30 weeks. Four days before I gave birth. I was huge!!!

Montoring the babies heartrates. This was the most uncomfortable part of my days on bedrest because I had to lay pretty flat on my back, and hold still for an hour. Most of the time someone would act up, and get everyone off the monitors!

They even allowed "pet therapy" on bedrest. I always looked forward to visits from Gunner!